Help and Support

We stand by your side

Diacony and philanthropy are central principles defining the life of the church. In our parish’s diaconal work we focus on internal diacony for parish members and general diacony that is meant for all those in need of help. In internal diaconal work, we strive to secure the spiritual, mental and social well-being and sacramental connection of our members. We treat people in a positive and humane way. We respect the conviction and will of all who ask for help. Getting help does not require you to be a member of the orthodox church nor adopting the same experience of faith, but if you are interested in learning more about orthodoxy, we are always happy to tell you about our church and faith.

Diaconia worker
Eeva Timonen
tel. 050 539 4932

Diaconia worker

Katja Vilponiemi

(Mon and Fri 9-11)
tel. 040 665 0943

Father Janne Piiroinen

tel. 0400 269 996


Food support

Free food bag giveaways

Every three weeks our parish gives away free food bags.

You can reserve a bag by sending an SMS to tel. 0400 178 347 on Wednesday from 9 to 11 of the week when the bags are given. This phone number is reserved only for messages for reserving a food bag. In the SMS write your name and RUOKAKASSI (food bag). After that you will receive a SMS with a time stamp when you can pick up the bag from diaconia space Betlehem (Kirkkokatu 32, inner yard downstairs).

Dates for food bag giveaways:

3.11., 24.11. and 15.12.

Free bread giveaways

We give bread every week on Wednesdays at Betlehem diaconia space downstairs from 9 to 11.

Where: Betlehem, Kirkkokatu 32, at the Kauppakatu side of the Parish Hall

Bread giveaway dates:

26.10., 9.11., 16.11., 30.11.

(Dates for December will be available later)

More info from diaconia workers.

Other activities

Group for mourn

Group for mourn is open to everyone who want to talk and deal with their feelings after passing of a loved one.

More information: diaconia worker Eeva Timonen, 050 539 4932, eeva.timonen(at)

Hospitals and nursing homes

Our workers visit hospitals and nursing homes reguralry.

For more information, contact our parish office tel. 0400-397900, on weekdays from 9 to 15, and on wednesday from 12 to 15.

In case of emergency, please contact directly a priest. If lives are in danger, call emergency number 112.

Prison work

Our parish also co operates with prison staff to secure spiritual services for inmates.

For more information, contact our parish office tel. 0400-397900, on weekdays from 9 to 15, and on wednesday from 12 to 15.

Refugee reception centers

Our parish also works to help asylum seekers and refugees together with local Refugee Reception Centers, The Finnish Red Cross and other officials.


Father Aleksander Roszczenko tel. 041 453 7271, aleksander.roszczenko(at) 

Diaconia worker Eeva Timonen. tel. 050 5394932, eeva.timonen(at)

Diaconia worker Katja Vilponiemi, tel. 040 6650943, katja.vilponiemi(at)

Youth worker Pasi Onatsu, tel. 050 5582528, pasi.onatsu(at)

Day Club

Our parish’s Day Club (Päiväpiiri) meets every Wednesday at 1 p.m. at the Parish Hall (Kirkkokatu 32). Common prayer, coffee and lectures on interesting subjects. Welcome!

The Sun Club

Our parish’s Sun Club is a group for people with a developmental disability. The Sun Club meets once in a month at the Parish Hall (Kirkkokatu 32).

The club starts with a common prayer and after that join in activities and have lunch together.

More information:

Diaconia worker Eeva Timonen, tel. 050 539 4932, eeva.timonen(at)

Father Nemanja Balcin, tel. 0406732918, nemanja.balcin(at)