Olet täällä

Understanding and respect

Our European culture and its philosophy and morality are grounded in the Christian faith, so that Christian principles are part of our genetic make-up, guaranteeing that we have a certain common underlying set of values in spite of our doctrinal differences.

But Christianity is not just a tradition from the past; above all it is a spiritual legacy that inspires us and adds depth and significance to the content of our lives.

This common set of values enables dialogue to take place between different Christian groups, providing a living sense of community that embraces all Christians and can serve as a source of peace at home, peace within Europe and indeed peace throughout the world.  

Globalization has brought with it a new challenge for the Church. Even our own nation now comprises not only indigenous Finns but also people who have moved here from numerous other countries and represent a wide variety of nationalities.

Likewise, ecumenism now has a global dimension and character, for it cannot be taken seriously if it holds good only at a national level.

Even within this universal church of ours, however, we should be prepared to interpret our own traditions in the language of today and to give clear expression to the values that are essential for our lives.


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