The Feast of Easter

Kirkkovuosi | 26.03.2016

Easter greetings of Arseni, Bishop of Joensuu.

At Easter we receive in faith the incomprehensible news, incomprehensible to reason, of Christ’s resurrection and trust in its truth. The good news of the Redeemer’s resurrection gives us new power for our faith and revitalizes our faith. Prepared through the fast for the great feast, we sing with joy: “Come, all faithful, and bowing down, let us exalt the holy Resurrection of Christ, for behold: through the Cross joy has come to the entire world.” A genuine person of prayer will take the spiritual life seriously and thus in song is invited, bowing down, to exalt Christ’s Resurrection. We must not limit our giving glory to words alone, but our entire being must declare the good news of the Resurrection. Reverent worship does not mean, in the proper sense, only what the words literally mean, but also that by our entire life we bear witness and believing in the Resurrection of the Lord. In the deeper meaning of the word, we praise the Holy Resurrection when our entire being demonstrates faith that Christ lives and that he is Lord of our life, to whom we are obedient and from whose Church we seek power, trust and wisdom for our life. 
The joy of Easter came to the world through the Cross and for this very reason we bow down and exalt the Resurrection of Christ. The Cross is the victory of love over death, the victory of good over evil, the victory of obedience over sin, and the victory of life over death. May all these things be so in our own life as well, and in every place in which we work and serve. May the message of Easter prepare us all in renewed minds and new enthusiasm, to live so that in all things we would praise the risen Redeemer, and greet one another, saying, ”Christ is risen from the dead!” 
With my wishes for a bright feast of the Resurrection, and my blessing, 
Bishop of Joensuu