Church music

Sing to God, sing praises to his name (Ps. 67:4)

The Orthodox Parish of Joensuu has numerous choirs that sing at church services, concerts and other occasions. The choirs are led by the cantors. Choir singing is an important and valuable form of voluntary work in our parish. All choirs welcome new singers. Whether you are a new singer, interested in choral activities or willing to give feedback, please contact the choir director.


The choir of the church of St. Nicholas in Joensuu

The choir sings in the services of Church of St. Nicholas in Joensuu. The choir sings both traditional and newer Orthodox church music. There are currently more than 20 singers in the choir and you can easily join in; contact cantor Aleksi if you are interested in and enthusiastic about singing Orthodox church music! Rehearsals on Wednesdays in the parish hall (Kirkkokatu 32, Joensuu) from 17 to 19 (rehearsals start with an evening service at the church).

Aleksi Suikkanen
tel. 050 324 9797
Days off: Mon and Tue
District: City of Joensuu

Piligrim choir

The choir sings in the Slavic-language services of St. Nicholas Church in Joensuu. The choir focuses especially on singing slavic church music and interpreting its beautiful melodies. Rehearsals on Tuesdays in the parish hall (Kirkkokatu 32) from 17 to 19.

Olga Grinevich
tel. 040 865 1692
Days off: Thu and Fri

District: City of Joensuu and region of Vaara-Karjala

Saint Nectarios’ Choir, Kitee

The choir is named after saint Nectarios of Aegina. The choir sings in the services of Saint Trinity Church in Kitee. Rehearsals on Thursdays at 17.00 at the church (Valamontie 4, 82500 KITEE).

Päivi Romppanen
tel. 050 439 1883
Days off: Mon and Tue

District: Middle Karelia

Choir of Eno and Kontiolahti

The Eno-Kontiolahti Choir is conducted by cantor Paula and sings at the services of The Church of the Ascension of Christ in Kontiolahti and at the Tsasouna of the Transfiguration of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ in Eno. Rehearsals every other Tuesday at The Church of the Ascension of Christ in Kontiolahti at 6 p.m.

Paula Löfgren
tel. 040 145 0428
Days off: Thu ja Fri

District: Eno, Kontiolahti, Lieksa

Joensuu Church Singing Group

An open singing group for everyone who is enthusiastic about church singing in Joensuu. Directed by cantor Paula Löfgren. Meetings every second Monday in the parish hall at 12 noon.

Joensuu Orthodox Male Choir

Conducted by cantor Ella Kinnunen. Rehearsals on Sundays in the Parish Hall (Kirkkokatu 32, Joensuu) at 5:30 p.m.

Church music in Ilomantsi

The choir of the Church of Prophet Elia

The choir of the Church of Prophet Elia is an active group of about 14 singers who sing at the services of Ilomantsi Chapel Congregation. The choir of the Church St. Elia is conducted by cantor Darja and rehearses on Tuesdays from 18 to 19:30 at the Church of St. Elia.

Ilomantsi Church Singing Group

The parish also has a singing group that sings church music in unison. The church singing group meets every other Tuesday from 16 to 17 at the Elia Parish Center. 


EASTER CONCERT OF ALL CHOIRS on 23.4. at 15.00 Lutheran Church of Kitee

The choir of the Church of Prophet Elia (Ilomantsi), the Choir of the Church of Saint Nicholas (Joensuu), the St. Nectarios Choir (Kitee), the Church Choir of Lieksa and the Orthodox Male Choir of Joensuu sing an Easter concert together.

Free entrance. Profits from program sales goes for the diaconal work of the congregation.

The concert is a part of the 130th anniversary concert tour of the Joensuu congregation.

Soloist Concert on Fri 9.12. at 17.00, Parish Hall Joensuu

Church music students and cantors of our parish are giving soloist concert at the Parish Hall (Kirkkokatu 32, 80100 Joensuu). Pianist Svetlana Pustochnaya.

Free entrance